Wompimeequin Wampatuck selected as Keynote Speaker at Breakfast General Session presenter at World Municipality Conference-Miami 2017


The Minority Chamber of Commerce Announces Mr. Yehuda Kaploun, President of Water GEN as Keynote Speaker at the General Session Lunch at the World Municipality Conference-Miami 2017 Water Gen is an Israeli Global Firm that converts low-humidity air into water MIAMI, Fl. May 18, 2017 –

The World Municipalities Conference is the premier event for the Minority Chamber of Commerce with Mayors seeking to find new opportunities in connecting with large cities and the private sector. The 2017 signature conference offers a platform to acquire innovation and economic growth. This year’s conference features many inspirational leaders, including Mr. Yehuda Kaploun, President of Water Gen, one of the most innovative water development companies available. The Executive Committee of the Minority Chamber of Commerce, continues to expand its impressive roster of premier speakers at the World Municipalities Conference Miami-2017. The Conference takes place at the Trump National Hotel Doral, on May 26. Mr. Kaploun will present “Water Development, come and meet a Technology that you can’t live without”, – Municipalities & Agenda for Innovation Advancement. “His presentation is a key addition to the line-up of speakers we have scheduled for May 26 in two presentations through a seminar at 11 am, and Keynote Address at 12:30 pm,” says Doug Mayorga, Chairman of the Executive Committee and Chamber Founder.

“The priority of this historic signature conference is to bring a diverse group of leaders like Mr. Kaploun, who brings innovation for remote areas where there’s really limited infrastructure or lack of water for cities. This tremendous opportunity extends beyond drinking water and opens the door for use of this technology in large regions as in agriculture”. This exclusive conference is just one of several important presentations for the municipal leaders who will attend. The overall purpose of the World Municipalities Conference is to focus on international topics, including the development of global innovative solutions for solving important issues affecting municipalities in the U.S. and beyond.

To register for the event, please visit: www.worldmunicipalitiesforum.org. About Water GEN: An Israeli company that creates drinkable water out of air. This innovative technology, which is ideal for countries suffering from drought or remote villages without access to water, this technology takes advantage of the water vapor in the air and turns it into water suitable for drinking. According to the company, any device sold can produce about 6,000 liters of water per day.

For more information: http://water-gen.com/ About the Minority Chamber of Commerce: Founded in the year 2000, we are a global business and economic development organization, focused on new initiatives in technology, influenced by structural demand in the world economy, the steady globalization of innovative activity is part of the component to assist disadvantaged communities and address the special needs of different municipalities, especially the least developed emerging nations. For more information: www.minoritiychamber.net Please register by May 22 at: director@minoritychamber.net or call 786-406-2190.

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